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Our producers frequently asked questions :
I produce local craft. Can I attend Warwickshire Farmers' Markets?
Unfortunately not. Warwickshire Farmers' Markets sell only food produce. The only exception to this is where non-food product is a direct consequence of a food product e.g. beeswax candles from a honey producer.

Does the person behind a stall have to be a family member?
No, but they must be an employee who is directly involved in production of the produce. It is not acceptable to just pay someone to attend the market on your behalf.

I don’t know if farmers' markets are right for me. Can I just give it a go to see?
Yes, we allow you to stand once (subject to fulfilling all the other requirements) before deciding if you want to join the group.

Do you permit guest stalls?
Yes, but only up to a maximum of one attendance per quarter.